[Glossary of Terms]

Edition Definitions

1st Thus
Something new in the printing that changes a book's content or appearance. (i.e. omibus edition, new introduction, illustrations etc.).
Uncorrected Proof
1st state of the book, sent to reviewers in advance of hard or soft cover trade copies (usually in wrappers).
(Wraps) Soft cover, usually trade paper or paperback size.
Advance Reading Copy
Generally the same as an uncorrected proof. Can sometimes be hardcover. (See Review Copy).
Remainder Mark
Publishers mark on discontinued book.
Review Copy
Usually Hardcover books sent to reviewers with publicity slips often laid in. (See Advance Reading Copy)
Limited edition, special printing or edition of the book with limited quantity printed. Often signed and numbered.
Lettered Edition
Usually only 26 to 52 copies A-Z or AA to ZZ. Usually something more special than a regular limited edition such as leather edition, etc.
Science Fiction Book Club , sometimes the true 1st edition.

Condition Definitions

Very Fine
As new.
Slightly less sharp with noted defects.
Very Good
A cut above an average reading copy with noted defects.
Average reading copy with noted defects.


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